Blessington Educate Together is part of the Educate Together Charity, which has over 40 years experience of providing a unique, inclusive and equality-based school ethos at primary level. The Educate Together model is founded on a legal commitment to parents, staff and children to run schools based on equality and respect. The core principles of Educate Together’s primary schools are:


All children have equal access to the school and no one religion or worldview is given priority over another within the school.


All children are encouraged to explore their full range of abilities and are provided with equal opportunities regardless of their gender or identity.


Our child-centred approach means that we put children at the heart of all policies and practices and involve them in decision-making where appropriate.


We run schools on a democratic basis, encouraging active participation by parents and students in the daily life of the school whilst positively affirming the professional role of the teachers.

Find our more about our unique equality based ethos here.


Educate Together schools teach the National Curriculum which includes English, Irish, Maths, History, Science, Geography, Art, Music, Drama, Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE), and PE.

Rather than the religious instruction programmes taught in denominational schools, Blessington Educate Together teaches the Learn Together Ethical Education Curriculum.

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