Blessington Educate Together is a multi-denominational national school. Our school is co-educational, child-centred and democratically-run. We have four mainstream and two special classes with approximately 100 pupils. The school is situated in a beautiful location, close to Blessington Lakes, and 2km from Blessington Town. 

Our school grounds extend to 2.5 acres and include open grass areas, play and sensory spaces, a basketball court, and a school garden. Blessington Educate Together is a very close-knit community where the pupils, staff, Board of Management and parent/guardians all work collaboratively.

A proactive Student Council, Parents’ Association, after-school activities, sports days, gardening, and fundraising events provide opportunities for the school community to come together. Pupils in Blessington Educate Together, through the Learn Together Ethical Programme, learn about different belief systems. They learn to respect and celebrate different beliefs and diversity within the community. Our monthly assemblies bring the whole school together to acknowledge individual achievements and celebrate special events. 

Join our community -we’re better together!

If you have any questions you’re always welcome to contact us through email, phone or just pop in!