Parent / Teacher Association Committee

The 2017 / 2018 PTA Committee members are;

Lynn Steed                              Acting Principal
James Cannon                        Committee Chairperson
Annabel Middleton               Committee Secretary
Rob Carrol                               Committee Treasurer
Sara Plumier                           Garden Group Coordinator
Aoife Joyce                              Art Group Coordinator
David Flynn                            Parent Rep to the BOM
Daniel Halpin
Laura Power
Aoifanna Phibbs-Minchin
Sandi Covic
Anna-Maria Goulding


Constitution for BETNS PTA




NPC – What is a Parent Association


NPC – Parents Associations and Money


NPC – Getting Involved in you Child’s Education


NPC – Homework


NPC – Supporting Your Childs Learning at HomE


NPC – Bullying


NPC / IPPN – Supporting Each Other


NPC – Working Effectively As A Parent Association.



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