Senior Room

You can keep up to date with our learning here. We are excited to show you our projects, art work and much more.

November 2019 Update:

  • This month we are learning through the theme of Africa. We will be learning about different aspects of the continent through the different subjects. We had a drumming workshop from Afro Beats and we got to play a huge selection of African instruments.
Some of the senior room at the Afro Beats workshop

October 2019 Update:

  • In our Gaeilge lessons, we are focusing on developing our oral language skills. This month, we are learning all about food (bia). Click here to listen to a conversation in our restaurant Bia Blasta, where two diners are deciding what to order.
  • Through Learn Together we explored conflict resolution and fair debate, by writing and performing in a drama depicting a meeting between Greta Thunberg and Donald Trump.
  • Our overall theme for the month was Ancient Egypt. We studied this topic through English, art, music and geography. Have a look at some of our work below. We completed fantastic projects in groups, filled with facts, maps, drawings, hieroglyphics and pictures and these are shaped like the Pyramids of Giza.
As part of Learn Together, we found out all about the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muentos.

September 2019 Update:

  • The children in 5th & 6th researched current news issues and wrote a 30 second news report. Hear how they got on here and here .
  • This month we have been studying through the theme of Space. We read about the moon landing, learned about the Solar System and lots of galaxies, we read Buzz Aldrin’s book “Reach For The Moon”, we drew astronauts, wrote stories, created fabric aliens and also painted our names as star constellations.
Check out our aliens below, click the link to hear all about them (these links will only work until December)!

Above, you can see a STEAM project, where we made a 3D solar system. We researched the size of the planets to make sure we had them to scale, made a plan about what our planets should look like considering all we know about their make up, and added recycled materials to make them as realistic as possible. We all really enjoyed this activity.

Below you can see some images from the Climate Change Action Week, where we continued the protest towards Red Lane. We also did a drama activity based on our Space theme. Our dramas were full of aliens, rockets and moon landings!

Check out our fabric aliens below, click the link to hear all about them (these links will only work until December)!


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