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Learning From Home Monday 30th March 2020

Hi everyone! I’m going to be posting up here every week the work that I’d like you to do while you’re at home. 

All the teachers have said this a few times but I’ll say it again – if this work doesn’t suit you, if you’re spending this time learning life skills like baking, cleaning, playing, whatever else you have decided, that is absolutely fine. This work is just being given as a guide for those who are able to do it. As we are not in school like normal we’re estimating this work should take about an hour each day. If it is taking less time than that and you want more – there will be links to extension activities below. If it is taking more time and you want to stop after an hour, that is completely acceptable as well.

I know some of you have collected books from the school and some of you haven’t – I will be listing some work below to be done in the books but if you do not have them you can access them online – I’ll show you how.

Planet Maths and Explorers SESE can be accessed from the Folens website.

You go to https://www.folensonline.ie/ and click REGISTER. Select TEACHER. Fill in a username and password of your choice, and your own email. Where it asks for a school roll number fill in Prim20. You now have access to the Planet Maths books, SESE explorers and many other books which we don’t currently use in the school but may be of use to you if you are looking for extra activities!

Spellbound can be accessed from the CJ Fallon Website. You go to https://my.cjfallon.ie/dashboard/student-resources and register for an account. 

Word Wizard can be accessed from Gill and MacMillan

Click onto the following link: https://www.gillexplore.ie/products?Type=2&SubjectList=0&LevelList=0

Search the subject you are looking for in the filter

Add the year you are in in the filter

Once you see your book just click on it and it should allow you full access.

Prim-Ed, who do the Mental Maths books do not have the full book online however if you register here: https://www.prim-ed.ie/blog/post/parent-information-centre/ (click on ‘Download your free pack now’) you will get an email with a selection of pages from the Mental Maths book and other maths activities.

Twinkl can be accessed by parents for free, and has a lot of activities and extra worksheets for any topic. You can sign up at twinkl.ie/offer with the code IRLTWINKLHELPS

Ok, on to the actual work to be done this week! These posts won’t always be this long – I just wanted to include all the registration details.

Spellbound – This week is week 24, which is a revision week for both 1st and 2nd class. Do exercises 1-4 (all the answers are words which have been used from weeks 17 to 23). And if you are unsure of an answer the answer key is on CJ Fallon online. Learn the words from the previous weeks (maybe focus on tricky spellings, you can have a look at your child’s previous tests to see which ones might need revision) and on Friday (or whatever day suits you) read out 10 of the words you choose for a spelling test on the revision page (page number 79).

Mental Maths – Again this is week 24 so have them do Monday – Friday as well as problem solving. 

Planet Maths

Just to say, in Maths we often jump around to different pages and topics so that 1st and 2nd class are always on the same topic, e.g. weight. So don’t be worried if there are gaps in the book – it’s probably because we skipped ahead or were waiting to move back so we would all be learning at the same time.

The topic for this week is Capacity, which is actually a great one to do at home since you will all have different resources and things to try out! If there’s anything that the book suggests you use that you don’t have (e.g. 1st class book asks for egg cup) feel free to improvise, use an alternative or to skip that section. As long as the children are learning about capacity – comparing different containers and seeing how much they hold, talking about litres and millilitres, the topic will be covered.

1st Class – pages 104, 105 and 106 in the main book, if you finish, try the page in the satellite book (if you have it). 

2nd class – pages 132 – 135. This chapter discusses quarters so it might be no harm to do a quick revision of halves and quarters, ask your child to tell you half of a number, double a number, quarter of a number, etc. (e.g. what is half of 10? I’m thinking of a number and it is a quarter of 100. What number am I thinking of?). If finished and if you have the satellite book, try the satellite book page.

Extra capacity activities (optional, only if you’re looking for something to do!):

Folens Online Capacity activities (they are under resources).

Make a recipe for a magic potion and write down how much of each liquid to add (e.g. my magic potion has 100mls of apple juice, 200 mls of water and 200 mls of orange juice)

Ask your child to find containers in the fridge that are 1 litre, more than 1 litre, less than 1 litre.

Use the vocabulary of capacity – talk about if things are full, empty, half full, a quarter full, ¾ full.

Using a measuring jug to see how much a litre looks like, how much a half and a quarter litre looks like.

Using one container, e.g. a spoon, and seeing how many spoonfuls it takes to fill a cup. Or how many cups it takes to fill a basin. 

If you search ‘capacity’ on Twinkl there are a lot of really good worksheets and activities to complete

English reading – I’m going to leave this up to parents to decide what exactly to read, but I would love if every child was reading for at least 10 minutes every day – preferably more! Use books you have at home use ebooks or audiobooks. Audible have free children’s audiobooks to listen to at htps://stories.audible.com/start-listen 

Twinkl also have a selection of ebooks you can download, on a range of different topics. To start, I would suggest the Cautious Caterpillar https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/t-l-526203-the-cautious-caterpillar-ebook

But, like I said, use your discretion to pick anything your child is interested in reading. Listen to them reading and ask them questions about it, e.g.

Did you like the story? Why/Why not?

Who is your favourite character?

Where does the story take place?

Do you think the story really happened?

How did the characters feel in the story?

For PE, I’m not sure if any of you have seen but Joe Wicks is doing online PE every day, live at 9am. These videos are also available any time of day to catch up with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz0go1pTda8&list=PLyCLoPd4VxBvQafyve889qVcPxYEjdSTl

In PE we had started doing gymnastics, so if any of you are feeling adventurous and have a mat at home this is the first lesson, focusing on doing a forward roll: https://pssi.pdst.ie/pdf/gym/gym_b_1.pdf

I don’t want to overwhelm everyone with work so I’ll leave it there for this week, see how everyone gets on and we can reassess how much to do after the Easter break. I hope you are all keeping safe and well, I know it’s hard to stay away from all your friends and family but this will all be over before we know it!

Like I said in the email, if anyone wants to send me pictures of them doing their work or pictures of artwork I can put it up on the page so that we can all see each other!

Work for school closure March 12th – March 29th

Here are the pages I have sent home with the class to do while we are out of school for the next 2 weeks. Please remember that if your child is not sure how to do the work or you don’t have time due to family commitments, etc., not to worry.

1st class: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_-ItpJxJgQAgmue-CikmkSsNwO9DgT2P/view?usp=sharing

2nd Class: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YPUMrob81tBY3TsgENDetLaD72zNfcEh/view?usp=sharing

continued https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QZ-4Qbb3B0n2ocHgchYxPRlSlPMmcThK/view?usp=sharing

Twinkl have offered free membership for one month for everyone in Ireland, if you are looking for more resources and activities to do with your child. https://www.twinkl.ie/


In February, we were busy learning a lot of new things. Here are a few of them:

We painted the clay pots that we made in January – here are some pictures of the class at work, and the finished product:

In Science, we were learning about the life cycle of trees, and what seeds need to grow. We watched a video showing a seed germinating and planted our own seeds. Some seeds got no water, some seeds got no soil and some got no light. We investigated whether they grew or not.

As part of Safer Internet Day 2020 we looked at ways we can be safe on the internet. The class worked in groups to design posters:

For Learn Together, we learned about different festivals that take place in Spring. We discussed the Spring Equinox, Easter, and other festivals that occur around the year.

January Update

Here are some of the things we have been learning about this month:

In PE we did some orienteering – the class were given cards in pairs and had to find the control cards under each cone

As part of Learn Together this month we put together an A-Z of happiness, writing something that makes us happy starting with each letter of the alphabet. Here are just a few things that the class said made them happy:

In Art, we made our clay pots and plan to paint them in February once they are fully dry. We looked at different types of sculpture to get inspiration, and added different designs to our pots.

In English we were learning about report writing. Everyone wrote their own report on something that interested them. We had reports on animals, places and people!

November and December Update

In November we did some experiments for Science week, including dancing raisins and making an egg float in salty water:

We began our practice for our Winter show, we learned our songs and our poem.

In Art we made colour wheels and rainbow mosaics

We also learned some techniques for clay, and designed our own clay creations:

October Update

This month we have been learning all about Autumn. Here are some Autumn poems and art we have done:

Displaying IMG_1041.jpg
Displaying IMG_0946.jpg
Displaying IMG_1042.jpg

The class used leaves to make Autumn pictures, and then closer to Halloween we used cotton buds and glue to make our own skeletons, after learning all about the bones in our body in Science

In SPHE, we were learning all about having a growth mindset. We’re working on trying our best at everything and not giving up even when things are hard.

Displaying IMG_1044.jpg

September Update

Here are some of the things we have been working on in the Middle Room this September!

In SESE, we were learning about communities and all the people who help us in our local community. We then designed our own communities. Above are some pictures of the class working in their groups, and then presenting their communities to the class.

We created our classroom door, where everybody decorated a jigsaw piece. They all were different to show how unique everyone in the class is, but they all fit together.

Displaying IMG_0720.jpg

In Art, we created Minecraft-style Selfies:

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