October brings a real sense of Autumn to our eyes and ears. The children created beautiful artwork showing the laves falling from the trees, and continued their creativity in Acrostic Poetry. They started with the word Autumn and then linked in to other words we associate with this season.

There are poems about Halloween, September and Falling Leaves adorning the windows on both sides of the classroom. Please check them out!

In Science, we explored the properties of mixing materials…and managed to turn out not one, but two fabulous sponge cakes!

Everyone had a turn at weighing ingredients, or adding them to a bowl, or mixing or pouring cake mix into a tray. We sanitised before touching equipment and ingredients, just in case, and we all washed our hands thoroughly afterwards. Adding a bit of drama and adopting characters as we went, we turned it into a Blessington Bake Off…but in the end the taste of both cakes was hard to fault, so we all won!

A natural presenter – Top Gear watch out!

Project work

One of our students was very keen to show off a piece of work he had completed during the school closures.

Max educated us on the horse power, speed and compared schematics on some of his favourite super cars.

The class had many, many questions, and he fielded them excellently.

Back to school!

August/September 2020

It was fantastic to welcome you all back on the 26th August! After scrubbing and cleaning and organising, it was brilliant to see children back in school again. You guys are what make it so special. We had a lot of catching up to do the first few days, and we got stuck into our work the following week.

We were delighted to have so much sunshine – it meant we could take many lessons outdoors. We had Drama & SESE lessons outside, Learn Together classes, and even read poetry sitting in a group with the sun on our faces.

All children put together a mindfulness workbook, reflecting on what made them unique and special. We discussed feelings of happiness, anxiety and everything in between. They recorded these activities in the workbook, and each child brought theirs home to show to their family.

The class were delighted to have the opportunity to learn some hurling skills with Philip. Here are a few shots from the very first lesson:

We had fun in art by cleverly folding a piece of colourful card and sticking it in so that it represented the shape of an umbrella. We decorated them individually, so no rainy day looked the same.

It’s been a really busy few weeks, and I want to thank the children for working so hard. They should be very proud of themselves.

Work hard, play hard!

Photos & Videos from school closures 2020

Here are some photos and videos of the class from this week, do send me in pictures if you want them shared here!

Finally, here are some photos from the last week:

I wanted to share on here as well the amazing video Cian created with his cousins. If you haven’t seen it yet definitely give it a watch!

Here are some of the photos I got from people in the class before the holidays:

Merry doing her work!


In February, we were busy learning a lot of new things. Here are a few of them:

We painted the clay pots that we made in January – here are some pictures of the class at work, and the finished product:

In Science, we were learning about the life cycle of trees, and what seeds need to grow. We watched a video showing a seed germinating and planted our own seeds. Some seeds got no water, some seeds got no soil and some got no light. We investigated whether they grew or not.

As part of Safer Internet Day 2020 we looked at ways we can be safe on the internet. The class worked in groups to design posters:

For Learn Together, we learned about different festivals that take place in Spring. We discussed the Spring Equinox, Easter, and other festivals that occur around the year.

January Update

Here are some of the things we have been learning about this month:

In PE we did some orienteering – the class were given cards in pairs and had to find the control cards under each cone

As part of Learn Together this month we put together an A-Z of happiness, writing something that makes us happy starting with each letter of the alphabet. Here are just a few things that the class said made them happy:

In Art, we made our clay pots and plan to paint them in February once they are fully dry. We looked at different types of sculpture to get inspiration, and added different designs to our pots.

In English we were learning about report writing. Everyone wrote their own report on something that interested them. We had reports on animals, places and people!

November and December Update

In November we did some experiments for Science week, including dancing raisins and making an egg float in salty water:

We began our practice for our Winter show, we learned our songs and our poem.

In Art we made colour wheels and rainbow mosaics

We also learned some techniques for clay, and designed our own clay creations:

October Update

This month we have been learning all about Autumn. Here are some Autumn poems and art we have done:

Displaying IMG_1041.jpg
Displaying IMG_0946.jpg
Displaying IMG_1042.jpg

The class used leaves to make Autumn pictures, and then closer to Halloween we used cotton buds and glue to make our own skeletons, after learning all about the bones in our body in Science

In SPHE, we were learning all about having a growth mindset. We’re working on trying our best at everything and not giving up even when things are hard.

Displaying IMG_1044.jpg

September Update

Here are some of the things we have been working on in the Middle Room this September!

In SESE, we were learning about communities and all the people who help us in our local community. We then designed our own communities. Above are some pictures of the class working in their groups, and then presenting their communities to the class.

We created our classroom door, where everybody decorated a jigsaw piece. They all were different to show how unique everyone in the class is, but they all fit together.

Displaying IMG_0720.jpg

In Art, we created Minecraft-style Selfies:

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