Middle Room

January Update

Here are some of the things we have been learning about this month:

In PE we did some orienteering – the class were given cards in pairs and had to find the control cards under each cone

As part of Learn Together this month we put together an A-Z of happiness, writing something that makes us happy starting with each letter of the alphabet. Here are just a few things that the class said made them happy:

In Art, we made our clay pots and plan to paint them in February once they are fully dry. We looked at different types of sculpture to get inspiration, and added different designs to our pots.

In English we were learning about report writing. Everyone wrote their own report on something that interested them. We had reports on animals, places and people!

November and December Update

In November we did some experiments for Science week, including dancing raisins and making an egg float in salty water:

We began our practice for our Winter show, we learned our songs and our poem.

In Art we made colour wheels and rainbow mosaics

We also learned some techniques for clay, and designed our own clay creations:

October Update

This month we have been learning all about Autumn. Here are some Autumn poems and art we have done:

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The class used leaves to make Autumn pictures, and then closer to Halloween we used cotton buds and glue to make our own skeletons, after learning all about the bones in our body in Science

In SPHE, we were learning all about having a growth mindset. We’re working on trying our best at everything and not giving up even when things are hard.

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September Update

Here are some of the things we have been working on in the Middle Room this September!

In SESE, we were learning about communities and all the people who help us in our local community. We then designed our own communities. Above are some pictures of the class working in their groups, and then presenting their communities to the class.

We created our classroom door, where everybody decorated a jigsaw piece. They all were different to show how unique everyone in the class is, but they all fit together.

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In Art, we created Minecraft-style Selfies:

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