Junior Room


The Junior Infants have been learning lots in Maths during November including identifying and extending patterns, learning about 2D shapes, matching sets of objects to numbers and forming the numbers’ 1 and 2. Much of this learning involves using concrete materials, pair and group work and we incorporate as much song and movement as we can!!

As always, the children continue to learn or revise sounds. This month we focused on d, g and o while the Senior Infants also revised middle sounds and vowels. There has been plenty of practise blending CVC words and also learning and revising sight words.

Our Aistear (Learning Through Play) theme was The Restaurant and the children explored what it is like to visit and work in a restaurant through oral language (English and Gaeilge), role play, small world, art and construction activities. I was very impressed by some of the food presentation (with playdough) and swift service by the restaurant staff! The children also learned about the texture and colours of food during Science.

As LGBT Awareness Week occurred in November, we looked at the poster – Different Families, Same Love – and explored how we all come from different families and experience the same love. The children also listened to the story A Tale of Two Mommies by Vanita Oelschlager and discussed all the jobs and things two mothers did with their children.

The children had a wonderful experience playing a variety of African drums thanks to a visit from Paul of Afro Beats. Fiona, a dental nurse, also visited and taught the children how to brush their teeth properly and why dental health is so important.

Towards the end of the month, the children started practising some Christmas songs for our Winter Concert in December. It’ll be an interesting few weeks ahead….


In October, the children explored the theme of home and family. They made homes from Lego and playdough, they performed the roles of different families, during role-play, and they played with houses, figurines and cars during small-world play. The theme of home and family was also integrated into literacy, geography and music.

For Climate Action Week, the children learned about the impact on climate from human action and how converting to renewable energy, conserving energy and changing to electric transport can help our planet.

Lessons related to autumn and Halloween were never far from our thoughts during October. During art the children made leaf prints on squirrel templates. The children responded, through movement, to Vivaldi’s Autumn from his Four Seasons, while they sang and did actions to Halloween songs. They also listened to the story Room on the Broom and learned new Irish vocabulary about Halloween.

As always, we keep active throughout the day and not only during PE where the children have been practising catching and throwing with beanbags and balls. The infants also danced and moved between lessons!!


In September, our Junior Infants have classified and sorted objects in Maths. They have also explored how things are bigger/smaller and longer/shorter.

During transitions between lessons, our Infants get active through guided workouts and dance – they love it!!

Learning through play is an essential and fun part of Infant education. The children have enjoyed free play for much of this month. They will now be exploring play through a variety of themes at our Socio-Dramatic, Construction, Creative and Small-World stations.

For SPHE, Learn Together and Literacy, we were delighted to welcome some of our senior pupils who asked our Infants questions about their families. We also discussed how we all come from different types of families.

Finally, we were very excited to take down our Aldi poster, to be replaced by a new blank one! Thank you so much to all families for bringing in stickers. Fingers crossed we’ll be one of the lucky schools. Now, let’s see can we fill a second!!

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