November Class Update

In November, the Junior Room explored the theme of weather. The children undertook lots of activities and lessons across the curriculum. They recorded the weather each day for one week; practised being weather forecasters; listened to and discussed the story Whatever the Weather; played lots of oral language games related to the weather and used Kandinsky’s Landscape with Rain as a stimulus for painting. The children also went on a nature walk, collecting leaves and identifying the trees they came from.

For literacy, the Juniors learned, and the Seniors revised, the Phase 3 Jolly Phonics sounds. The Seniors also revised consonant blends. All children are making excellent progress with their blending, reading and writing. Number work included writing, counting and matching activities, up to 4, for the Juniors and up to 9 for the Seniors. The latter also practised different ways to add to 9. Both classes also explored Maths lessons around time and patterns. Our theme for Irish has been ‘bia’ and the children have learned many phrases and songs related to this.

The children discussed different types of families during our Learn Together lessons and listened to the story A Tale of Two Mommies.

Finally, we have started practising some Christmas songs! We’ll put putting our performance online during the middle of December!

October Class Update

October Class Update

October was another busy month in the Junior Room. A sample of literacy lessons included the Juniors learning their Phase 2 Jolly Phonics sounds while the Seniors revised these as well as focusing on revision of vowels, ck words and the word families -all and -old. For Gaeilge, we focused on school and Halloween.

Space and Halloween were our two themes during October. The class listened to the stories Back to Earth with a Bang and A Magical Muddle. Other lessons explored planet earth in space, the construction of rockets, small world play and role play as astronauts and meeting aliens, the soundscaping of rockets going to space and learning Halloween songs.

For Maths, the Juniors learned numbers’ 1 and 2 while the Senior revised these and learned 6 and 7. Number line work also started for our Senior Infants. Both classes also explored 2D shapes while they compared height, length and width.

We finished our hurling lessons with Phil of Blessington GAA in October and the children really loved their Wednesday mornings. A huge thank you to Phil for his time and enthusiasm.

Finally, the children are learning ways to keep safe through Stay Safe lessons for SPHE.

September Class Update

The first month back in the Junior Room has flown by. It’s been wonderful to meet our new Juniors and to welcome back our Seniors – they’ve all taken a stretch! It’s been a mix of work and play (lots of the latter) as we’ve all settled back.

We spent our first couple of weeks practising, and learning about, washing and sanitising hands. This time was also spent getting used to new routines such as where to line up and the different parts of the yard we play in. The class explored the school garden and the types of plants and herbs grown there. They also planted a variety of seeds. The children have had great time on yard getting to know each other and they’ve enjoyed extra play time throughout September.

The children have learned and revised the first group of sounds (s, a, t, i, p, n) and brilliant progress has been made by all. Both classes, based on their ability, have started reading words and making words by putting their sounds together. They have also learned, and revised, forming and writing sounds and short words. In Maths, both classes have been learning and revising classifying, sorting and matching activities while the Seniors have revised numbers’ 1-5. In Irish, the children learned lots of songs and rhymes about ‘myself’.

We’ve also been very lucky to welcome Philip from the GAA who has been teaching the class balancing, running, dodging, jumping, throwing and catching through a range of fun games.

All-in-all it’s been a really fun and busy September.

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