Physical Education & Activities

The Active School Flag was launched by the Department of Education in May 2009.   It is a non-competitive initiative which seeks to recognise schools that strive to achieve a physically active and physically educated school community.  For the second year running, BETNS are participating in the initiative and hoping to achieve the Active School Flag. 

In order to be successful in the Active School Flag we must self-evaluate, plan, implement and monitor improvements in several areas such as the children’s physical activity throughout the day and our partnerships with the local community. 

As the Active School Flag involves the whole school community we would encourage you to also provide opportunities for your children to be active at home.  Additionally, if you think you have any skills or ideas that would be of benefit to the Active School Flag we would love you to get involved.  You can pass on your suggestions to Claire.  Your support of the Active School Flag is greatly appreciated.  Please find below the different initiatives and strategies we have undertaken through the Active School Flag programme.     

Physical Education (P.E)
At BETNS, each class receives at least one hour of P.E. every week (we even get extra if we win our Province Points!).  Our P.E. classes are made up of the six strands of the P.E. curriculum and throughout the year we take part in games, athletics, gymnastics, dance, outdoor and adventure activities and aquatics.  We think P.E. is a very important subject and we follow a school P.E. policy and timetable for teaching the various strands.  Our teachers have dedicated an area in the resource room for sharing P.E. teaching resources to make our lessons fun and interesting, and sometimes we swap teachers for P.E!

The curriculum contains the following strands:

Outdoor & Adventure activities

Physical Activities

-Active Wet Days: AS committee lead the GoNoodle recess breaks.

-Do Your Talking While Your Walking

-School Grounds Active Walkway

-Active Lines


-Athletics and Running Club

-Yard leaders

-Two yard breaks daily

-Drop Everything and Dance!

-Disco Yard Break

-Active Calendar (Halloween, Christmas Advent Calendar, Active Easter Hunt)

-Lunch time tournaments

-Curriculum links: Maths Trails, Gardening, CLIL- though Gaeilge

-In class movement breaks

-Active rewards for good behaviour and academic achievements

-Active Homework

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