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Graduation 2015

Graduation Day in Blessington Educate Together National School and a very special day for our lone graduate.
The children wrote some lovely speeches and gave fantastic musical performances to celebrate Jessica’s last 8 years in Primary School.
We had a great Pizza party and plenty of goodies. Thankfully we had a supersized bouncy castle to work off all that sugar!
The day was finished off with a surprise visit from the Ice Cream Van.
It was even harder to get the children to leave school than normal.
Thank you to everyone involved for making it such a special day.

Shining Star and Réalt na Seachtaine Awards 2015

Congratulations to Olivia, Elisa, Aaron and Fisayo on their Shining Star and Réalt na Seachtaine awards for W/E 06/03/15.

Congratulations to Mehret, Jessica, Victor D and Viktor G on their Shining Star and Réalt na Seachtaine awards for W/E 27/02/15.


Congratulations to Isabella, Nicole, Zach and Amy on their Shining Star and Réalt na Seachtaine awards for W/E 13/02/15

Well done to Samantha, Chloe, Fisayo and Stephen on their Shining Star and Réalt na Seachtaine awards for W/E 06/02/15.

Olivia, Jessica, Mia and Darragh received the Réalt na Seachtaine and Shining Star awards for W/E 30/01/15.

W/E 23/01/15. This week it was the turn of Nicole, Jessica, Mehret and Leo to receive the Shining Star and Réalt na Seachtaine awards.

Well done to Aaron, Victor, Stephen and Elisa, winners of the Shining Star and Réalt na Seachtaine awards for W/E 16/01/14.

Our first recipients of the Shining Star and Réalt na Seachtaine Awards for 2015 were Olivia, Zach, Amy and Jamie. Well done guys.




Peace Proms 2015

On the 31/01/15 we took part in the Cross Border Orchestra of Irelands 2015 Peace Proms concert in the RDS. A huge amount of work went into the preparation for this night. We joined 47 other schools to sing a medley of songs and perform our dance moves to a packed crowd.


Congratulations to Rosemary, Lynn and the BETNS Peace Proms choir on a wonderful performance.

Peace Proms Choir 2015

All of the hard work over the last few months was worth it when you were sitting in the audience watching and listening to such an emotional and moving performance by so many different schools and the fabulous Cross Border Orchestra. It was a thoroughly enjoyable show and we are so proud to have been a part of it.

Here’s just a little snippet of one of the most popular songs of the night.


Winter Concert

On Friday 19th December 2014, we held our Winter concert and Awards ceremony.

The children performed some Christmas songs and some of the songs that the Senior class will be performing at the RDS Peace Proms on 31/01/15. They also received some Achievement Award Certificates and a present from the Parents Association.

Afterwards the children had a little party and the Parents Association Committee provided some refreshments for the Parents.


Graduation and Awards Day 2014

Congratulations to our 6th Class Graduates. We had a wonderful day celebrating their school years with us. They all read a lovely summary of their last year and we had some great musical tributes and speeches from their school mates.
We had a visit from the Wicklow People to capture the moment and also to take some shots of our Senior class with their award for Maths and Science Excellence.
The children all received some special awards for their talents and skills and some special awards for attendance.
Thanks to The Blessington Book Store there was also a presentation of the awards won from the story writing competition
Once again we were delighted to welcome back some of our past students and parents to enjoy some delicious treats made by some of our parents while the children enjoyed their party.
One of the highlights of the day was a visit from the local ice cream van.
The day ended with some great dance moves at the disco, expertly organised by DJ’s Temi, Conor, Ryan and Darragh
All in all it was a very special day and we wish all the best to our 6th class graduates in their new Secondary schools.

Sports Day

We couldn’t have asked for a better day. The sun shone as the children ran their races. We were delighted to welcome so many of our past parents and students. Some of our new families starting in September got a taste of what’s to come in, according to the kids, “the best school ever”

We had some fantastic food and the children and even some of the parents and teachers got very competitive on our assault course bouncy castle.

Thank you to everyone who made it on the day and everyone that helped out.

We hope you all enjoyed our sports day.


School Tour

We returned to Kilcullen Community Centre on Friday 30/05/14 for the Lets Go activity based school tour.

A great time was enjoyed by all the children. The staff and the selected activities were very suitable for the children.

Shining Stars and Réalt na Seachtaine Awards

23/05/14. This weeks Shining Stars and Réalt na Seachtaine Awards go to Olivia, Sara, Jessica and Ryan.



09/05/14. Congratulations to Stephanie, Ronan and Adrian on receiving this weeks Shining Stars and Réalt na Seachtaine awards



04/04/14. Well done to Ryan, Amy, Sophie and Stephen. This week’s recipients of the Shining Star and Réalt na Seachtaine Awards.



28/03/14.  Well done Isabella, Olivia, Darragh and Jessica, this weeks recipients of Shining Stars and Réalt na Seachtaine awards.



21/03/14 Congratulations to Conor, Cian, Stephanie and Mia.



13/03/14. Well done to Samantha, Mia, Aaron and Cian

13th March 2014



Congratulations to Fisayo, Aaron, Victor and Stephen.

7th March 2014



Congratulations to Temi, Adrian, Sara and Elisa

28th February 2014