Our Active School Committee are Amazing!


The committee worked hard over the last two years and they have undertaken a huge amount of jobs and responsibility.

-Active Line Leaders

-Active Week coordinators

-Breaktime Tournament co-coordinators

-Wet Break Leaders

-They completed our Active Schools Survey where they asked the following questions:

  1. Do you think as a school we are active enough? 88% YES
  2. What is your favourite P.E activity? 68% Games strand, 20% Athletics, 10% Gymnastics, 2% Outdoor & Adventure.
  3. Are you in any clubs? 78% YES
  4. What would you like to see the Active School Committee bring to the school for the better?

National Programmes: 

  • The ASC have worked hard organising our walkway around the school grounds. WE launched this walkway on Active School week 2019. We use the walkway for both walks and runs! We have registered our Active School Walkway with www.getirelandwalking.ie


  • We take part in Laya Super Troopers in the following ways:Super Trooper Movement breaks in our classrooms.
  • Active Challenge Cards.
  • Active Homework 
  • Our new Heathy Eating Policy which was ratified in May 2019, is in line with the Super Trooper lunchbox recommendations.


  • We do The Daily Mile at BETNS. Lynn started this initiative in 2015 and we have decided to link this in with our ongoing running initiative in the school. The whole school run together at 10am each day. 3 laps of our field equate to 1km, 5 laps bring us to the mile! On Fridays we walk or jog on Red Lane, just for a change. The Active School Committee calculate the total distance ran each day and we mark it on our map of Ireland. Our aim for June 2019 is to run to Cork (Lynn’s idea no doubt!) Take a look at our ongoing running initiative:

Take a look at the School-Community Partnerships we have undertaken so far: 

  • We joined up with the Wicklow Local Sports Partnership in January to start the new year with a bang! We smashed the One Million Step Challenge as recorded on the pedometers that the WLSP kindly let us borrow for the challenge.
  • Sports For Schools and Caragh O’ Donovan came to our school for a a sports fundraiser and circuit training session. We learned so much from Caragh, who is a world kickboxing champion. It was such a great event and a very inspirational day. Check out the video here.

  • Sinead from Sinead O’Brien Dance School in Blessington came to our school in February-March for a 6-week block of amazing dance lessons. We were focussing on Hip-Hop this time around. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you Sinead!
  • We teamed up with the Wicklow Local Sports Partnership and Youth Reach in May to take part in the Tug of War in Russborough House. Thank you to Aisling Hubbard, coordinator of the WLSP who gave us huge support on the day and plenty of ideas for future Active Schools events.

  • Thank you to Olivia, Leo and Leila’s mum who joined us for Yoga classes during active week. We love seeing parents getting involved and taking part in ASW. We have also worked hard at continuing on our Yoga with our local yoga teacher after school, for those that really love it! Have a look:

  • Bike Week is happening on the 22nd-30th June 2019. As part of this, we will be receiving 6 weeks of bike safety sessions on the run up to it. We will learn about road safety while on a bike, and practise cycling safety skills in the yard with our own bikes and helmets.
  • The Wicklow Local Sports Partnership is came to our school on Tuesday 28th of Active Schools Week. Aisling and her team will do a basketball skills and tournament activity with 1st-6th and Junior and Senior Infants will be cycling their bikes in the yard.
  • The senior end of the school will be completing a 6 week bike safety course to celebrate National Bike Week at the end of June.

  • Greg and his crew from High Definition Gym in Blessington joined us for a second year running during Active Week. The children had a blast as they were put through their paces in a high intensity workout. Check out our Active week 2018 and 2019 video on Facebook to see some snippets.

  • Emer and Graham from Blessington GAA joined us for in May for sessions with each class. They were fantastic, the kids loved it and we hope to work with them again next year.
  • We have teamed up with Aaron’s Dad and Jay from Shamrock Rovers, who joined us for Active School week. We had 3 different sessions with them, as they teach us their skills. It goes without saying that we were delighted to welcome them to the school and that it is a fantastic opportunity for the children. We hope to link up with them for a block of sessions next year.
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