Active Initiatives and Partnerships


As part of our Active Flag project, we have decided to undertake the following new initiatives.

-Active Rewards (extra yard break, active golden time).

-Well Done Wall: we celebrate all achievements here, inside and outside of school!

-We will take part in team sport competitions such as Spikeball and GAA.

-Reinforced Healthy Eating Policy and taking part in Food Dudes.

-We will invite external sports coaches to our school where possible.

-BETNS Running Club at big lunch.

-10 at 10 every day. Ten minutes of activity in the classroom as a daily active break.

-On rainy days, children will partake in GoNoodle activities in their classrooms.

-Each teacher will follow the curriculum in full and include activity/PE in other aspects of learning where possible.

-Active Rewards (Province points)

-All Inclusive activities for everyone.

-Active Week in May of every year


Sports For Schools and Caragh O’ Donovan came to our school for a a sports fundraiser and circuit training session. We learned so much from Caragh, who is a world kickboxing champion. It was such a great event and a very inspirational day. Check out the video here.

We joined up with the Wicklow Local Sports Partnership in January to start the new year with a bang! We smashed the One Million Step Challenge as recorded on the pedometers that the WLSP kindly let us borrow for the challenge.

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